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This is a Wikia about the books I write as well as information about their fictional universe. Said books are based on things in my own life, as well as dreams that I've had and wrote down. Not to mention, some ideas and help from my friends and girlfriend. Needless to say, the books I've written are made with care.

Before writing these books however, I was creating webcomics. Some of the books I've written are re-imagining of said webcomics, such as the book 'King's RxR' being a rewrite of the 'Resolve For Vengeance' series I used to publish.

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Jean is a young adult with ESP abilities, detained and contained by an unknown organisation. They plan to use her to reverse engineer a way to identify other ESP people around the world.

Era of Bloodlines

Era of Peace

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DataBook 1: Reality & Fantasy

DataBook 2:

DataBook 3:

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  • King's RxR - Remake of Resolve For Vengeance series. Magic is 100% a thing that is mainly hereditary in nature.
  • AfterburnerTale - An oc of mine goes into the underground of Undertale, acts like a jackass when they remember who they are.
  • Dragon Ball R.E.X - Based on afterwork Role Playing with an ex friend. Future Trunks TL, but he doesn't survive either. So Bulma now has to make a trip to New Namek to try and revive the Earth's Defenders. Though she get's knocked off course...

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